Luminous is made of natural travertine, a type of natural stone characterised by its warm, creamy colour with subtle variations and a distinct pattern. It is a popular choice for various interior design applications due to its elegant and earthy appearance. Haus of Aitch customised this gorgeous material into large, long-lasting candle.

The Luminous candle bowl's dimensions of 30 cm in diameter and 10 cm accommodating  2 kilograms of candle wax. 

Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla

Top Notes: Coriander Leaf, Bergamot The fragrance opens with fresh and aromatic top notes of coriander leaf and bergamot. Coriander leaf adds a green, herbaceous quality, while bergamot contributes a bright and citrusy aroma.

Middle Notes: Nutmeg, Clary Sage As the fragrance develops, it reveals its heart or middle notes of nutmeg and clary sage. Nutmeg brings a warm and spicy nuance to the scent, while clary sage adds an herbal and slightly floral aspect.

Base Notes: Oud Wood, Patchouli, Vanilla The base notes form the foundation of the fragrance, lingering on the skin for a long-lasting effect. In the case of "Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla," the base notes consist of oud wood, patchouli, and vanilla. Oud wood is a highly valued and luxurious ingredient known for its deep and woody aroma. Patchouli complements the oud wood with its earthy and slightly sweet character. Finally, vanilla adds a touch of sweetness, creating a warm and inviting base for the scent.

Remember, the beauty of natural stone lies in its organic variations. Embrace and celebrate these differences, as they are what make each candle vessel truly special and distinct.